7 Significant Advantages of Living in a Small Studio Apartment

(Last Updated On: January 8, 2024)

Do you know that saying “the best things often come in small packages”? It works for many things in life, apartment included. Small living trend is a lifestyle trend that focuses on making our daily lives simple and stress-free by embracing minimalism. Sometimes, less really is more.

Sure, adjusting to living in a small studio apartment is not easy and might come across many challenges, especially as someone who is downsizing for the first time, but this type of living comes with man benefits. If you’re considering ditching your dreams of living in a mansion (or at least put them on hold) here’s why this might be the perfect decision for you.

Lower living expenses

For many of us, finances are the main reason why we consider downsizing. Small apartments are cheaper to buy or rent, that’s obvious, but they also allow you to save money in other ways. When you have less space, your monthly bills for electricity, water, gas, and heating will reduce because you need to use less of these things in your small home. Small apartments are also usually filled with modern fixtures and LED lighting which has many benefits, especially when it comes to energy-conservation.

Fewer investments

Are you dreaming of a stylish apartment? Well, moving into a small space means you might be able to finally afford the nicer interior without breaking the bank. Less space translates to a lot cheaper decorating. You will have enough money to beautify your space in a way that’s more cost-effective and less time-consuming.

Easy to organize

When you have a large house, it’s easy to justify why everything is messy and cluttered. But, when you have a small space to work with, these excuses don’t work anymore. Small apartments are more functional and you will find it easy to keep everything organized. And when you get rid of clutter, you can forget about losing your keys or misplacing your favorite piece of jewelry. If you opt for a serviced studio apartment, you can even enjoy maid services and regular linen changes. Plus, all utilities are included in your monthly rent, so you’ll have fewer things to keep on your to-do list which is refreshing for all of us, especially busy career people.

Small studios force you to embrace a more minimalist lifestyle, keeping only the things that spark joy or have an apparent purpose. Together with fewer surfaces to keep clean, you’ll save on storage and cleaning supplies—there’s nothing but wins in this department!

More time spent outside

We’ve established that small studio apartments are functional and economical, but they are also great for your physical and mental health. They encourage you to spend more time outside in fresh air and sunshine. Since you need to spend less time and money on cleaning, cleaning tools, and organizing, you’ll get to spend your resources on something healthy or something you actually enjoy doing.

Creativity boost

Making a small space livable and cozy requires creativity, especially if you have roommates. Expect to see your creativity stretched to the max as you work out solutions to the shortage of storage and privacy. Also, you will feel greatly inspired to make a small space look and feel chic and you’ll need to use your creativity to make a tiny space feel large, open, and bright.

Help the environment

Many residential aspects cause carbon emission, but home heating and cooling are two of the biggest offenders. No matter what kind of air conditioning and heating you have, when they turn on, they will produce pollution. So if you’re concerned about saving the environment, it’s smart to move into a smaller apartment with eco-friendly features to reduce your carbon footprint. Small spaces heat up and cool down much quicker so you can minimize pollution, energy waste and money waste.

Easier to relocate

You might be forced to upgrade to a bigger house or move cities or states in the future. While moving is stressful for everyone, it’s much easier and faster to transport smaller spaces because less stuff always means less fuss. Also, you will save a lot of time trying to sell furniture that doesn’t fit in your new space. If you’re moving from a small apartment, all your old furniture and appliances will fit into your new space.

While small studio apartments do lack some elbow space and storage, they make up for it in other ways. So if you’re considering a studio for your next accommodation, don’t hesitate and rent something small. You will experience a whole new world of benefits and make your life simple, stress-free and cozy.

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