Chainsaw Accessories Any Chainsaw Owner Must Own

(Last Updated On: July 20, 2020)

Getting a chainsaw injury is quite easy, but the dire consequences can be avoided in multiple ways.

Chainsaws cause 30,000+ injuries in a year in US alone. Although chainsaws can be found in every household and even with many safety features, they can be dangerous. It is vital to use the chainsaw properly to make the best use of the tool. Keeping your chainsaw in working shape is your duty! When we talk about using chainsaws ‘properly,’ we are referring to ‘investing’ in chainsaw accessories.

In an action-packed movie, the hero is not the shining star without the villain. Similarly, a chainsaw is incomplete without the accessories.

Since you are new to the chainsaw world, we thought of jotting down the best ‘chainsaw accessories’ any chainsaw owner must own. We have also added a list of products that you can buy from a secure platform.

Chainsaw Accessories You Must Own

You thought your wood cutting concerns are over. Hold that thought! Yes, you can cut your wood, but maintaining the mean machine, and keep yourself safe from all the unwanted injuries, would require you to buy some extras.

Don’t worry about the technicalities! We have made a list of the must-have chainsaw accessories. We have also recommended the top products you can find on Amazon. Well, that’s a legit platform that allows you to check genuine reviews and ratings.

So, let’s begin with the list.

Chainsaw Sharpener

To ensure that your chainsaw is cutting the wood evenly and safely is the #1 priority. How to keep the chainsaw sharp? Well, you need a chainsaw sharpener for this specific errand.

Signs Your Chainsaw Needs A Quick Sharpen Session:

  • The chainsaw is vibrating.
  • It is cutting the wood/frozen surface poorly.
  • You are getting uneven cuts.
  • You can see smoke due to friction.

All these are danger signs, and you must act on it immediately!

The following video gives you a sneak peek of how you can sharpen your chainsaw ON YOUR OWN.

Once you master the art of sharpening the chainsaw, it will be easy for you to cut the wood evenly and precisely.

Hold that thought! Let’s recommend one product for you.

SDMS Blade Teeth Sharpener is easy to carry. It gives you the luxury of fast sharpening and optimum convenience.

It is suitable for most of the chainsaws ranging from 14 inches to 20 inches.


The sharpener has been designed with two rivets. One is adjustable and the other is fixed. Users can either remove it or adjust the rivet.

The positives –

  • It is absolutely safe to use
  • The package includes a sharpening stone and chainsaw sharpening unit.
  • The rivet is adjustable.
  • Fits 14 inches to 20 inches chainsaw bars.

If you are thinking of buying a chainsaw sharpener, this one does the job perfectly. It’s easy on the pockets and is lightweight yet durable.

Grease Gun

Yes, you are totally overwhelmed with the list of accessories that are required for your chainsaw, but they are necessary. One of the accessories you need for your machine is a grease gun. Yes, the whole James Bond scene goes inside the head after hearing the word, ‘grease gun’. But, you need the tool for greasing your chainsaw.

It helps in reducing wear!

We took the liberty of suggesting the best product. It’s inexpensive and highly efficient.

Oregon 26365 Chainsaw Grease Gun

If you are a chainsaw fanatic, you must have heard about the brand ‘Oregon’. The product will help in reducing premature wear and tear, especially the nose (guide bar).

The grease gun offered by Oregon can withstand any kind of weather condition (thanks to the high-quality material).

Why wouldn’t you want to extend the life of your chainsaw? Any chainsaw owner must grab this tool. It is useful and does not pinch your pockets.

Storage Bag

When you own a chainsaw, it is advisable to store it in a protective bag. It can be quite overwhelming to select a storage bag considering that it comes in a number of sizes.

We have picked a chainsaw storage bag JUST FOR YOU.

Poweka Storage Bag For Chainsaw is ideal for chainsaws up to 16 inches. The storage bag has a zipper closure and is made with Oxford fabric.

The Poweka Storage bag has carry handles which makes it easier for you to carry the bag around for different errands.


You need to shell out a few bucks to buy this highly efficient storage bag. There won’t be any issues with zipper closing as it gives a snug fit!

Chain and Bar Measuring Tool

Another important accessory for your chainsaw is the chain and bar measuring tool. You can measure the chain pitch, file size, chain gauge, and the guide bar groove width. Husqvarna Chainsaw Bar and Chain Measuring Tool does the job perfectly.

Since this is a portable product, you can carry it with you in your wallet or pocket. Why not use it as a keychain?

When you are doing technical errands, carrying a measuring tool becomes a necessity.

Chainsaw Felling Wedges

Yes, we know what you are thinking! Perhaps the rope technique is working for you, but owning the felling wedges is better. Does it cost a lot? The answer is, NO!

In order to control the ‘felling direction’, you need the help of felling wedges.

Timber Savage Felling Wedge is one of the best felling wedges in the market. It is ideal for trees that have a small diameter.


Why do we love this product? It is lightweight but high impact, and you can carry it in your pocket too.

Purchase the project and try it on small as well as average-diameter trees.

Chainsaw Multi-Tool

Do you want an all-in-one multi-tool? You can use it for chainsaw purposes, but it always comes handy for general house errands.

TopSaw TSPWP-BL Multitool for Chainsaws

What you will get:

  • Screwdriver (large)
  • T27 Torx
  • Screwdriver (small)
  • Allen Wrench (4mm)
  • Socket (13mm)
  • Bar nut
  • Deep sockets

You can use this tool for any errand! It is a multi-purpose product. Any chainsaw owner must invest in it because it comes handy. Why carry extra tools? This could do the job! Plus, it is easy to carry around too.

Chainsaw Protective Apparel

Any chainsaw owner MUST invest in protective apparel. Never indulge in dangerous errands without a helmet, vest, and gloves.

Why buy the gear separately? We have chosen a product that consists of a full package.

Husqvarna 531307180 Chain Saw Protective Apparel Powerkit

You get the following things:

  • Helmet
  • Clear protective glasses
  • Suspenders
  • Protective gloves
  • Wrap chap


If you are serious about all the DIY projects, get protective apparel for yourself. Working with a chainsaw is not a child’s play! You must cover your face and hands. Flying lumber can be dangerous and can enter your eyes.

Husqvarna’s protective apparel is the best purchase. As you are getting the whole package at a competitive price, you must go for it! Once you wear the gear, you feel like a true professional. On second thoughts, a professional can consider buying this gear.

Why You Must Invest In Chainsaw Accessories

If the wood is hard, you would need to sharpen the teeth of your mean machine. Whether it is a cordless one or a gas-powered chainsaw, a chainsaw sharpener is a must-buy!

Buying the hero tool is not enough because you need the accessories to get the best out of it. It is not just for the maintenance and efficiency of your chainsaw, but also your safety.

Not wearing a helmet, goggles, or gloves can expose you to the associated risks. Hence, you must keep your arms, eyes, head, and full body protected.

Besides, the sharpener is an important accessory too. When you learn to sharpen the saw teeth, you will be able to save a lot of bucks. Notice the saw teeth – are they looking dull? If yes, then they will not perform efficiently. The purpose is to get smooth and clean cuts.

When the chainsaw is not sharpened properly, it starts vibrating and makes all kinds of uncanny noises. How to avoid this? You need to keep the saw teeth as sharp as a sword!

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