8 Things Nobody Tells You about Ceramic Tiles

(Last Updated On: January 8, 2024)

Believe it or not, ceramic tiles have been around for thousands of years and for all this time they have been used extensively for the interior & exterior décor of structures. Be it for the flooring of your house or protecting the walls of wet areas like bathrooms or kitchen, ceramic tiles are one of the best options available.

One of the most sought after & reliable materials, ceramic tiles are trusted by people all over the world, and, it is the sturdiness and versatility of ceramic tiles that have made it so desirable.

The advantages of ceramic tiles are many, but some aspects often get ignored. In this blog we will discuss some factors of ceramic tiles that you probably don’t know, and which can help you make a more informed decision while choosing tiles for your home:

1. They Are Incredibly Strong

One of the main reasons for ceramic tiles being so popular is its strength. They are incredibly resistant to weight and can survive the rough and tumble of regular use without too much damage.

For this reason, they are often used in busy commercial buildings like office & malls, etc. The durability & strength of ceramic tiles also makes them cost-effective over the long run.

2. Available In Many Shapes & Sizes

When it comes to design, the vast array of options available in ceramic tiles will spoil you for choices. Whatever may be the requirements of your interiors, you’ll always find a decorative tile that matches.

Be it the colour of the tile, size or shape, there is never a lack of diversity and You can also get the tiles custom-made to fit the interiors of your home.

3. Can Be Used Anywhere

Usually, ceramic tiles are installed in wet spaces like bathrooms and kitchen, but innovation has made them quite adaptable. Be it varying technical needs (like stress resistance, heat resistance, resistance to chemicals), or intricate aesthetic requirements (like colour, detailing, shape and size), specialized ceramic tiles can be curated to meet all the challenging specifications.

This versatility has ensured that designer tiles can now be used in other spaces of your home like the living room, dining space, bedroom & stairs, etc. They have also been adapted to public spaces like hospitals, shopping malls, showrooms & restaurants, etc.

4. Hygienic

Ceramic tiles are best suited for places where hygiene is essential, and you will often find them having been installed in hospitals. They don’t take too much effort for cleaning and are also resistant to bacteria and other microbes. And, being sturdy by virtue they are also able to survive aggressive cleaning agents (like chemicals, high-pressure cleaners) without much damage.

5. Resistant To Moisture

This is one reason why ceramic tiles are generally used in spaces that are regularly exposed to moisture, and almost invariably you’ll find them installed in kitchens & bathrooms. Glazed tiles which have an enamel coating and a dense body are a great way to protect walls and floor from dampness and moisture.

6. Environmentally Friendly

Ceramic tiles are manufactured in an eco-friendly process and the raw materials used are also recyclable. Being good insulators, these tiles also reduce the energy consumption of the house by keeping it cooler in the summers.

Throughout its production process to its use in our homes, ceramic tiles are seldom detrimental to either the environment or our health.

7. Lasts Forever

Having incredible strength and resilience, they can remain virtually unchanged for a long time. Be it the exposure to natural forces (rain, heat or cold etc) or the wear and tear from rigorous use, ceramic tiles are able to endure all these challenges and survive for prolonged periods.

8. Low- Maintenance

The best thing about tiles is that, if one gets damaged they can easily be replaced by another. Apart from that Ceramic Floor Tile is dust resistant by itself and is incredibly easy to clean.

It is the beauty, durability & low-maintenance quality of Ceramic tiles that they have stood the test of time and is as popular today as they used to be before. And with innovation in ceramic technology, they are sure to remain just as relevant in the times to come.

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