Top 10 Tools For Professional Wood Flooring Installation

(Last Updated On: January 8, 2024)

An Introduction To Wood Flooring Tools

Wood Flooring will always be in trend. We have seen since ages how it enhances the interior of our space and full marks for the durability of the wood flooring.

It’s been a common assumption that the engineered wood flooring takes maximum time for the installation. However, that is not the case. In fact, due to the latest technology, it has become quick, effective, and super easy to install.

While there are numerous tools available in the market, we decided to share with you what tools does the professional installation of wooden flooring require?

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1. Safety Goggles

During the installation of the engineered wood flooring, your safety should always be a top priority. Therefore having safety goggles is essential. The eye injuries can occur at any uncertainty.

You might not know when a piece of wood, metal or any bead of finishing will hit in the eye causing damage. Thus, to prevent the accident from taking place, one must have professional safety goggles.

There are multiple types, styles, and colors of safety goggles available. Nevertheless, each of the goggles must meet the standard requirements so that it gives protection.

For someone who is having prescribed vision from the doctor and does not wear the lenses, then you should certainly buy the goggles accordingly.

2. Chalk line

While installing the wood floor you will also need a chalk line that helps you in deciding where to carry the wood floorboards installation.

This is because you will need a sturdy surface to nail your boards. Therefore, it is best to work in a straight line so that it does not get off the line.

3. Spacers

To measure the expansion gap between the woods, the spacers are used. When the humidity increases or decreases the wood tend to absorb or release the moisture. Due to which the hardwood floor expands and contracts.

With the spacers, the wood floorboards leave small space and allow it to breathe.

4. Level

With the help of a level, you can determine whether the sub-flooring surface is even or not. When you install the wooden flooring on an uneven subfloor, it is bound to cause trouble and fails the installation.

The levels are available in the length of four and six feet. In addition, the complete level will have one bubble ending at both ends for measurement.

5. Tape Measure

A tape measure is a common tool that the professional installers carry with themselves. It is also inexpensive therefore get the tape measure that you can read easily. The measuring tape must have the hook so that it stays in the place.

6. Concrete RH Testing System

One of the most crucial things to reflect upon while installing the wood flooring is checking the moisture content of the concrete slab. For this, there is a tool called Concrete RH Testing System.

The excessive moisture in the slabs will cause the adhesive to tear, wood warping, and cupping. Another test comprises of calcium chloride testing or the poly film testing which gives you an unreliable result.

7. Nailing Machine

Nailing machines are used to drive the nails beneath the wooden floors. Earlier times nailing used to consume time. However, the nailing machines will use minimum time and offer you accuracy. Among the nailing machines, there are multiple types available. Therefore, one can choose according to the requirement.

8. Dust Mask

Often there are professionals who have undergone through the problem of nasal tract, congestion, shortness in breath, asthma, and many other respiratory problems.

This occurs due to the sanding or applying the finishes. To protect yourself from it, use a dust mask or respirator.

It will protect your lungs from the wood dust. Some of the professionals are highly allergic to specific wood dust. During such times, always buy the mask that has N95 printed on it.

9. Electrical Testers

To check the presence of the current in the outlet electrical testers are used. It helps you in knowing whether the exact machine can be operated safely or not. Also, ensure that there isn’t less power else it will burn the electrical motor.

10. Hammer

Last but not least, a mandatory tool for professionals who install the wood floors is the hammer. It assists you in installing nails throughout the wood floors. While purchasing the hammers keep in mind to buy a lightweight one, which is comfortable to hold for a longer duration.

So, that was all about 10 tools every professional need for the installation of wooden flooring. Apart from that, the professionals use many other tools. If you like the blog, then please do share, and drop your suggestions in the comment section below.


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