Ceramic Tile Cutters from $19 to $279 -Review and Buying Guide

(Last Updated On: August 23, 2017)

Quick Rundown of the Top Ceramic Tile Cutters

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Today I’m going to talk about nine tile cutters which are worth buying.

Let’s start from the beginning. When I came to the city, I did not have enough money. I rented a small apartment which was a little shabby. The paint on the wall was peeling off; the tiles in the bathroom were tormented. But due to low budget, I could not hire someone to repair all the mess. So, I decided to do it myself. The painting part was easy and I did it within two days.

Then came the part when I had to redo the tiles and trust me I was clueless about it. I watched a couple of videos on YouTube and ripped off the tiles as per the instructions which were pretty easy. But for cutting the tiles I needed a tile cutter and I had no clue about how it looked, how it worked and most of all which one to buy. I searched the market and found some ceramic tile cutters which I thought were suitable and under my budget. I have also wrote interesting review about sigma tile cutter here. So now I’d be discussing the nine best tile cutters I found and the one I bought.

Mophorn Adjustable Machine Preciser

This was my first choice. I wanted the manual one because they are very easy to use and understand. It has a Mophorn Manual 47inch Tile Cutter
modifiable laser guide of infrared rays for precise cutting. The handles are made of anti skid rubber which makes it comfortable to use. It also comes with a movable supporting foot for tile protection. This 40” tile cutter can easily cut to the length of its own size (1000mm) and a width of 1.38” (35mm).

The great thing about this ceramic tile cutter is that it contains smooth slide ways and high-quality ball bearing.

It is very easy to position; all you have to do is adjust the scale plate for the expected cutting size. After adjusting the tiles just create a lock block by raising the handle and pull it back and then a gentle downward press will cut the tile apart. It is as easy as it sounds. Moreover, it might look bulky, but it is really light weight. The beam is a little hard to adjust, but overall it is worth buying if you are looking for serious tile cutting.

I really liked this product, but I was looking for something smaller. Its 40” size makes it space consuming but apart from that it is a great product

Applications and Features

It is applicable in various working situations and suitable for cutting stone materials which include ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, vitrified tiles etc.

Its features are

  • Solid steel rail
  • High-quality ball bearings
  • Special linear bearing block cut parts
  • Alloy cutter wheel

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QEP 10214Q Ceramic Tile Cutter

This 14” cutter from QEP is a popular product because of the affordability. I would suggest this product to those who have really no experience of using the tool or any kind of experience in carpentry. This model is really cheap and QEP 10214Q 14 Ceramic Tile Cutterweights only 6.2 lbs. It works great with ceramic tiles as well as porcelain tiles but not very good with a glass or onyx because of lack of internal consistency in the natural stones.

It consists of a doubleheader steel rail with chrome plating which offers smooth scoring. The reinforced base contains colossal rubber cushions or pads to prevent the tiles from moving during cutting. It is very easy to install and use and it doesn’t require much of an effort. This cutter can even cut the granite tile only if it is thin enough.

Applications and Features

This cutter is ideal for scoring a cut line on the ceramic tile. It can easily cut 20 tiles in 10 minutes without any breakage.

Its features are

  • ½ inch cutting wheel
  • Rubber padding aluminum blend breaker bar
  • High-ascendancy padded handle to reduce fatigue
  • Cuts both ceramic and porcelain tiles

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QEP 10630Q 24 inch Cutter With Tungsten Carbide Scoring Wheel

Yet another cutter from QEP, which is famous for its affordability in the market. This one is perfect for cutting both porcelain as well as ceramic tiles. It can rip cut tiles up to 24 inches and 16 inches diagonally. It also comes with a QEP 10630Q 24-Inch Ceramic Tile Cutterconsecutive edge modifiable assessment guide which basically allows you to align the tile for detailed cutting.

For smooth and durable scoring, it contains 7/8 inch tungsten carbide wheel for cutting with titanium coating.

Also, it can be simply cleaned with compressed air. You can also use water to clean it up.

There are cheaper models from QEP, so I was little skeptical about spending my money on this one, but I ended up buying this one because this one looked promising, the size was perfect for work and the cost of the cutter was just perfect.

Applications and Features

It is very easy to use. Just remember not to push too hard. It’s a lot easier than renting one from Home Depot.

Its features are

  • 7/8 inch cutting wheel
  • Linear ball bearing slides
  • Double header steel rails
  • High-leverage gripping

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Brutus 10800 Professional Tile Cutter

This 27-inch rip tile cutter is a rather promising product from Brutus. It works great with both porcelain as well as ceramic tiles. Diagonally it is ½ inch thick with a wide base. Brutus 10800 27-Inch Ceramic Tile Cutter

It consists of a die-cast aluminum blend base with colossal rubber cushions or pads. Equipped with a 7/8 inch tungsten carbide cutting wheel with titanium coating, this cutter cuts the tiles like butter. It is great in size and can be adjusted to 4 different heights for easy snapping.

For repeated cutting without any obstacle, it consists of high-ascendancy bicycle grip handle. This high-ascendancy grip also helps in reducing fatigue. This one is mainly popular for its design and performance.

Applications and Features

It can cut ceramic tiles and similar kind of stone tiles with a lot of ease. It also reduces the manual effort.

Its features are-

  • Replaceable wheel for scoring and cutting
  • Linear ball bearing slides
  • 7/8-inch cutting wheel
  • Cuts both ceramic as well as porcelain tiles with ease

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QEP 10900Q 35-inch Manual Tile Cutter

Rips cut ceramic tiles up to 35-inch and 24-inch diagonally, this 23.3 lbs cutter from QEP is a great product. It also QEP 10900Q 35-Inch Ceramic Tile Cutterhas consecutive edge changeable computation guide and a 7/8-inch tungsten carbide wheel for scoring, which makes the cutting and scoring experience better.

This one is not much different from the other QEP cutters apart from the size and the cost.

But there’s one difference. For larger and heavier tiles, it has a wide aluminum base, colossal rubber cushions or pads and cutting table extension. It also contains a high leverage bicycle grip handle to avoid fatigue. So, we can say that it’s the improved model of the cutter by the QEP.

Applications and Features

The QEP model 10900 35-Inch (900 mm) Manual Tile Cutter is designed for ceramic tiles and similar kind of stone tiles.

Its features are

  • Tungsten carbide wheel
  • Linear ball bearings
  • Chrome plated steel rails
  • High ascendancy bicycle grip to avoid fatigue

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Brutus 10600BR Pro Tile Cutter

This 24-inch rip pro cutter from Brutus is really a great product under the budget.

It works fine with ceramic tiles. Other than having a wide base and a thickness of ½-inch, this cutter is also equipped with 7/8 inch tungsten carbide cutting wheel which is rather popular these days. Also, a large high-ascendancy grip Brutus 10600BR 24-Inch Ceramic Tile Cuttermakes it easier to handle and avoid fatigue.

Also, the dull cutting wheel can be easily replaced with the QEP model 21123 which is sold separately. And to backup large composition tiles, the base includes a side arm extension. The product’s dimensions are 35 x 13.5 x 7.8 inches. The only thing is this does not come with a case, so it is a bit difficult to carry this one around.

Applications and Features:-

The 10600BR Professional Tile Cutter is a multi-purpose cutter for both ceramic as well as porcelain tile having a size of 24 Inch. The height can also be easily adjusted to allow smooth snapping.

Its features are-

  • 7/8 inch tungsten carbide cutting wheel
  • High-ascendancy bicycle grip
  • Cuts both porcelain as well as ceramic tile
  • Die-cast aluminum composite

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Brutus 10552BR 20 inch Rip Tile Cutter

This product from Brutus is rather different from other products and quite popular too. This 20-inch tile cutter has exclusive comfort gripping with detachable tip for the keeping of spare cutting wheels. Brutus 10552BR 20-Inch Ceramic Tile Cutter

Also, its modifiable rip guide with metric computation make multiple rips and crosswise cuts easier. The base of this cutter consists of reinforced colossal die-cast aluminum blend.

Two changeable 7/8 inch tungsten carbide cutting wheels with titanium coating are sold separately with the cutter. The product’s dimensions are 4.5 x 7 x 27 inches. It is engineered with thick rubber cushions or pads to protect tiles and a linear ball bearing for smooth action.

This product makes cutting, easy but it does leave edges. So, a little care should be taken while cutting. Just make sure you secure it well before breaking the tile.

Applications and Features

It is built for long lasting durability and cuts a ceramic tile very easily.

Its functions are-

  • Comfort grip handle
  • Chrome plated steel rails with bumpers
  • Two changeable 7/8 inch tungsten carbide cutting wheels
  • Thick rubber cushions to protect the tile

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BestEquip Manual Tile Cutter

This is a 47-inch cutter with a minimum cutting width of 1.38 inches and a thickness of 0.24~0.6 inch with a gross BestEquip Manual Tile Cutter 47 Inch Ceramic Tile Cutterweight of 36 lbs.

This contains a steel slide rail and an alloy cutter wheel with rubber sponge compound pads. It’s a standard cutting machine infrared ray device for precise cutting and also anti-skid rubber handles for comfort. It is basically a manual tile cutter with solid steel rail to improve stability.

It contains high-quality ball bearing. A movable auxiliary for tile protection makes it easy to use and assures the best quality.

This tile cutter is capable of cutting ceramic tiles and other similar stone materials and for precise cutting, it comes with infrared ray.

Its advantage is that it has a special linear bearing block which cut parts more accurate. It is also equipped with the latest super hard alloy cutter wheel. Overall, this is a colossal product with a lot of perks and it’s also worth the buying.

Applications and Features:-

It’s suitable for cutting stone materials, including normal floor tiles, polished tiles, vitrified tiles, etc. So we can say it is applicable is various working situations.

Its functions are-

  • Steel side rail
  • Super hard alloy cutter wheel
  • Capable of cutting ceramic tiles
  • Equipped with infrared ray device

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Ruby Tools TS-43-Plus Professional Tile Cutters 16940

The TS Plus is a lightweight and a functionally manual product. It is a high-performance single point breaker designed cutter for intensive cutting of both the hard ceramic and porcelain tiles.

It is ideal for cutting ceramic and porcelain tiles from 6mm up to 22mm, with 800 kg breaking pressure. The Rubi Tools TS-43-Plus Professional Ceramic Tile Cuttermaximum cutting length of this cutter is 16” (57cm) which is pretty decent.

There is also a new lateral stop which is resized for extra support, which also increases the possibility of straight cuts and 45º angle cuts. It is also equipped with a double guide for a direct view of the scoring line and cutting line.

This cutter comes with a 6mm and a 10 mm scoring wheel and a transportation case. This tile cutter might cost more than the rest of the cutters, but it still can easily fit in the budget and is worth its cost.

Applications and Features:-

Applicable in varying working situations. Suitable for cutting stone materials, including normal floor tiles, polished tiles, vitrified tiles, etc.

Its functions are-

  • Single point breaker design
  • Ideal for cutting both ceramic and porcelain tiles
  • Lateral stop for extra support
  • A double guide for direct view of scoring and cutting tiles

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